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New contact center model helped Dana-Farber improve the patient experience

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a Harvard Health care Faculty teaching clinic, recently underwent a improve to its speak to heart to strengthen how it connects with clients.

“A single of our aims was to determine out a way to strengthen the affected individual knowledge so that we could actually comprise and capture all of these distinct factors of speak to for clients,” Kathleen Keavany, the vice president of Ambulatory Medical Operations at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute claimed through a HIMSS20 Digital session.

Beginning in 2017, Dana-Farber began changing how it manages affected individual phone calls and messages to strengthen the

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Pacific slipping more and more into La Nina

Sea-surface temperatures about the East-Central Pacific might have cooled to the least expensive amount given that 2017-eighteen, the US Countrywide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said, in rising proof that it is progressively slipping into a La Nina celebration that is helpful for the Indian monsoon.

La Nina is the alter moi of the monsoon-killer El Nino phenomenon, a warming celebration in the very same ocean.

La Nina or not, the monsoon has ongoing to keep powerful about West, Central and East India on Tuesday, not least helped by a Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) wave about the West Indian Ocean (and

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‘Living bricks’ create building blo… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

An EU undertaking has created very impressive ‘living’ bricks that contain chambers of microbes capable of turning human squander, such as urine and gray drinking water, into important methods, electrical energy and clean drinking water.

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Turning up the heat: how land manag… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Comprehending the roles land management and its employs enjoy in the overall local weather program is critical to mitigating the possible outcomes of local weather change. EU-funded research is assisting to enrich our know-how of these interactions.

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Cybergenetics brings noisy cells under control – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

EU-funded researchers are employing the principles of control engineering to control the biochemical machinery within cells, bringing the working day at any time nearer when microorganisms will be utilized to manufacture biological molecules on demand from customers.