Chaotic Afghanistan Pullout Caps Two Decades of Missteps

WASHINGTON—In early July, President Biden stood in the East Room of the White Household and bristled at the suggestion that the Afghanistan War would conclusion in the very same ignominious method as the war in Vietnam.

“There’s going to be no circumstance where you see folks becoming lifted off the roof” of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, stated Mr. Biden, who in April had requested the total withdrawal of U.S. forces by Sept. 11.

His optimism proved to be just one particular additional miscalculation built by U.S. administrations more than the earlier 20 several years.

With surprising speed, the Taliban have retaken the region the U.S. spent some two,500 American lives—and some a hundred and fifty,000 Afghan lives—trying to refashion as a secure, professional-Western democracy. The U.S. found by itself injecting 1000’s of troops back into Afghanistan in modern times to attempt to evacuate Americans and their allies ahead of the Taliban seal the exits.

Much like U.S. Marines burned delicate documents on the roof of the Saigon embassy in 1975, American commandos in Kabul broke challenging drives total of categorised product on Sunday to maintain them out of Taliban arms, in accordance to a U.S. army official.