Crikey! Aussie steps aside as KPMG UK chairman after castigating whinging Poms

To be fair, it wasn’t just the Pommies he accused of staying whingers it was

To be fair, it wasn’t just the Pommies he accused of staying whingers it was every person at KPMG Uk who experienced complained about doing work for the enterprise during the pandemic.

Coping with the lockdown has proved a bit more difficult than expected for Bill Michael, who has stepped down as chairman of prime accountancy firm KPMG Uk.

In accordance to newspaper reviews, straight-talking Aussie Michael was decidedly unsympathetic when confronted with the outcomes of an internal study at KPMG Uk that indicated significant quantities of workers were being having challenges coping during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In a digital meeting, Michael reportedly accused workers of moaning and “playing the sufferer card” immediately after the study also uncovered concerns about pension contributions, salaries and bonus payments.

Michael later apologised for the remarks but the harm experienced been carried out and he give up his put up, whilst the enterprise instigated an impartial inquest into the incident. It is not known regardless of whether his departure is lasting or just for the length of the investigation.

In accordance to the Monetary Times, Michael who was hospitalised previous March immediately after staying contaminated with the COVID-19 virus mentioned in a reaction to an enquiry from the Pink ‘Un that “lockdown is proving incredibly complicated for all of us”.