Protein Powder A Way to Make a Strong Body

Your body is capable of building muscle without any other components other than diet and

Your body is capable of building muscle without any other components other than diet and exercise. However, very few of us can build muscle at the rate we want without nourishing our bodies with protein supplements.

As far as muscle composition goes, roughly 75% of lean muscle tissue is composed of water. Aside from water, your muscles and most of the tissue in your body is composed mainly of molecules of protein.


Protein is what is responsible for giving you structure and strength. When you ingest protein, your digestive system produces enzymes that work as catalysts to break these large protein molecules into usable amino acids. Taking supplements could also help you improve your body’s protein absorptions, visit bioptimizers coupon code to find more information about coupon codes for bioptimizers that will enhance your protein-digestion enzyme.

Your body naturally has some of the amino acids needed to sustain life. In contrast, others, referred to as a class called “essential” amino acids, are required by your body to synthesize new tissue. The other “non-essential” amino acids you absorb are used by your body for energy and are also responsible for your immune system’s constitution.

Throughout your growth stages, your muscles naturally go through a process of muscular hyperplasia, where your body produces more muscle cells, and the cells also grow, which is referred to as muscular hypertrophy. The body’s ability to grow diminishes at the end of the teenage years. When strength training, muscles go through hypertrophy where they would typically expand. This build happens much slower in adulthood; however, actions can be taken to promote muscle development.

Protein powders are dietary supplements that are used to help promote muscle growth. They come in a variety of forms – varying in potency, content, and taste. Certain protein supplements are designed to be taken in conjunction with a workout; some are designed purely as meal replacements; while others are meant to be taken on a regimen, such as first thing in the morning or before bed. Intake of a variety of proteins helps to promote the best overall muscle growth for many reasons.

The proteins within these various forms of powder supplements all generally have a different composition of amino acids crucial to several aspects of building muscle. Throughout the day, your body goes through many cycles, where it utilizes its resources differently. So in the case of protein, when you work out, your body generally can only metabolize from 5 to 9 grams of protein. This value drops substantially when at rest. Protein powders that accommodate for this with a variety of supplements will yield the best results.

There are two that stand out the most when looking at powder supplements: casein and whey proteins. Whey is a protein product derived from cheese. It allows a rapid release of amino acids, which aids in building tissue and repairing cells. This means it is best to take before and after working out. The casein protein is also derived from dairy, but it is not water-soluble, which means it works slower. It is best to take these kinds of proteins at night or as meal supplements. Finding a balance of the two types of protein can help show results in a much more timely fashion than relying on a single supplement alone.