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How the coronavirus pandemic has tested UK doctors’ leadership skills

We know that hospitals carry out superior, on regular, when they are led by medical practitioners. But getting a excellent clinician is not enough. Health professionals also need leadership advancement, which until lately has been unavailable. With the formation of a skilled body, the School of Clinical Management and Management, and obtain to apprenticeship levy money (a Uk govt tax on businesses to fund teaching) points are starting to alter.

At Cass Organization School we run a leadership and management masters diploma built for medical medical practitioners. The diploma grew out of my research into clinical leadership in hospitals —

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Doctors, nurses may be suffering from skin damage due to face masks as coronavirus rages

Medical doctors and nurses on the entrance traces of the COVID-19 coronavirus disaster are spending many hrs a working day sporting deal with masks, and many associates of the typical community are performing the same. But even though the gadgets provide invaluable protection, they can be the lead to of substantial pores and skin injury through perspiring and the rubbing of the masks against the nose.

Skincare experts at the University of Huddersfield are warning about the risks — and are suggesting remedies.

What is THE Affect

Professor Karen Ousey is the university’s Director of the Institute of Skin Integrity

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