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Machines help humans take control – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Workforce can generally have trouble doing work with refined equipment in contemporary factories. EU-funded researchers have now devised a manage interface that can adapt to the experience and skills of any operator.

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Whilst it was once thought that the progress in industrial automation would guide to work getting fewer qualified, generally the reverse is legitimate. Contemporary production programs are so complex that sizeable talent is essential to work them.

‘Even pretty sophisticated equipment are not able to do the job completely autonomously there is still a strong have to have for a human to supervise

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Protein analysis paints clearer pic… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

A visit to your health care provider could before long offer a much much more total photo of your general health thanks to new technologies designed by EU-funded researchers. They will enable a swift and correct examination of proteins from blood or urine samples to be carried out in the clinic.

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The modern applications and strategies designed in the EU-funded MSMED venture are encouraging to lay the foundations for a revolution in the health-related application of proteomics, the huge-scale analyze of proteins that complete a huge array of important features in the body.

In a

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Acelerar el desarrollo de vacunas p… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Desarrollar una vacuna es un proceso largo y complejo, pero, como ha dejado bien claro la pandemia precise, el tiempo es esencial. Esa es la razón por la que un grupo de investigadores financiados con fondos europeos ha creado una plataforma que proporciona servicios, apoyo, redes de contacto y formación para ayudar a acelerar el desarrollo de vacunas importantes, incluida la de la COVID-19.


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Cuando se trata de prevenir enfermedades, nada supera a una buena vacuna. Por desgracia, desarrollar una es un proceso largo y complejo, un hecho que ha quedado patente durante la

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La robotica aiuta le piante a prosp… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Le città affollate non sono esattamente luoghi ottimali for every lo sviluppo delle piante. Tuttavia, un staff di ricercatori finanziato dall’UE united states la robotica for every significantly crescere le piante nelle configurazioni innaturali richieste dagli ambienti urbani. Le città potrebbero presto beneficiare di una robusta infrastruttura verde impiegata for every ogni cosa, dalla produzione alimentare al controllo climatico.

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La robotique au service de la crois… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Les villes surpeuplées ne sont pas un environnement best pour la croissance des plantes. Une équipe de chercheurs financés par l’UE a recours à la robotique pour aider les plantes à prendre les tailles et configurations qu’exigent les milieux urbains. Ainsi, les villes pourraient bientôt bénéficier d’une infrastructure verte utilisée pour tout de la output alimentaire au contrôle du climat.