Tea Board to soon submit details of welfare scheme for women workers in Assam, West Bengal

The Tea Board, in session with the Ministry of Commerce, is doing work on evolving

The Tea Board, in session with the Ministry of Commerce, is doing work on evolving the finer information of a scheme aimed at the welfare of tea personnel, specially women and small children in Assam and West Bengal.

In the newest Spending budget, the Finance Minister experienced proposed to supply ₹1,000 crore for the welfare of tea garden personnel and explained that a unique scheme would be devised for the exact same.

The information of the scheme and will be soon submitted right before the Department of Commerce, for implementation, the Board explained in a push statement.

The broad contours of the scheme will include well being, education and ability development, and aims to noticeably improve the good quality of daily life of the women personnel and help in capacity developing of their dependents by infusing adequate skills.

Girls represent virtually fifty for every cent of the complete workforce in tea gardens. They deftly accomplish an entire gamut of activities — ranging from nursery to planting, bringing up younger saplings, plucking, pruning and producing in the factory.

“The proposed scheme will noticeably incentivise the tea garden personnel, specially women labourers, and foster amongst them a experience of self reliance and an acknowledgement of their company,” the launch explained.

Assam and West Bengal collectively contribute 81 for every cent to the country’s complete tea output (fifty two for every cent by Assam and 29 for every cent by West Bengal). There are four.seventeen lakh women personnel in Assam and 2.06 lakh women personnel in West Bengal.